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(000) Flyer V5.png

In 2019, my dear friend and collaborator, Ntu, commissioned me to create original visuals for their MUSE residency at the historic Saint Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery. The performance, (000), is an exploration of (Black) Subjectivity: what avatars Black persons assume in the racial imaginary; how that imaginary reconfigures our collective reality.


Harnessing that spirit and ingesting the early works of Ntu's Perfect Blue, E.P.  I created 40 min worth of video art, that encapsulated a visceral and bold sense to be multiple -- to be (as is) -- and to be (in new worlds). The visuals were created in photoshop and aftereffects. I then projection mapped the visuals onto the back wall depressions of the St. Mark's church; the visuals were also sound reactive, flickering to the peaks of the vocals and beats of the music.   

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