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photo by Callan Thomas 

likes: magical girl animes, farmers markets, sandalwood, pearls

dislikes: olives, bad liars, bad title fonts 

favorite tv show: Summer Camp Island 

favorite snack: Trader Joe's taki's 

what I'm listening to rn: Gwen Stefani - Sweet Escape 



Kaiuna is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist with a foundation in studio art and extensive experience in videography and photography. As a 3D generalist, they most enjoy character design, modeling, and animation. Kaiuna is curious about queer imagination, blackness, technology, and all things transcendental.

Under the alias Saint A, Kaiuna explores the art of video making via traditional methods, new media technologies, and artificial intelligence. Whimsical and haunting images explore patterns in the mundane, the spiritual, and the sexual via world-building. A self-proclaimed un-human, through the synthesis of their own identity as a human in an anti-black and cis-heteronormative society, Kaiuna understands life in an intimate and deconstructed sense. Their work involves half-human characters, melted faces, projections, and organ-Esque visuals that look like oil. They are fascinated in breaking down what separates and connects man and machine.

Last November, they showcased their project Black Euphoria: a machine learning experiment that explored the computer as a utopia maker and oppressor, with Creative Code Art.


In the summer of 2020, they created the installation Sex With Me while in residence with Laboratory: a Spokane-based non-profit that features new media artists. Sex With Me explored body memory, trauma, and pleasure by projection mapping a hand-sewed life-sized doll based on the artists' measurements.


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