Saint A 



Saint A is an experimental audio-visual performance artist who resides in NYC. A shapeshifter and cyborg in training, Saint A creates intimate and de-constructed visual work. The freelance graphic designer and 3D artist has a foundation in 2D art and film; They are heavily influenced by water and dreams. The form is never constant, the truth is always shifting. Most recent is their work “Sex with Me,” created while in residency with Laboratory. Their self-produced project MIIV weaves bass and reverb to explore mundane life, spirituality, and sexuality, via ethereal dimensions.  They have organized and played shows around New York City.


Saint A is curious about queer imagination and explores visual and performative arts like music, film, and dance, and how this digital era manipulates how we consume and create art at New York University’s Gallatin School of Study. 

They are open to job opportunities and collaborations. Contact Here 

As an emerging queer and black artist Saint A has a sliding scale for qtbipoc, contact them at to learn more. 

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ARTIST RESIDENCY WITH LABORATORY: Remote residency, Saint A's project "Sex With Me" explores body memory via installation art and projection mapping. 

10011 MAG: Pile, Video Premiere

AQNB: "Ntu shares a reimaging of the racial imaginary & (Black) subjectivity in the premiere of short film ‘(OOO)’ preceding ‘warp’ EP Perfect Blue"

SPACESHIP MAG: "Sounds Like Sparkles..."