Crush On You 

production design: Zavize @pouty.katana

movement director: Ava Novak @ava_eliz

Special Thanks to Crystal Yu

From Left to Right. (Top) Carmen Lutsik, Chris Tapper, Naima, Deja Green. (Bottom) Michaela, Ava Novak, Abby Tawiah, RJ Anderson 

This photoshoot is about romanticizing the black body, in an innocent way girl next doorway.  I wanted to explore how our blackness influences our identities with relationships, attractiveness, and sexuality. Growing up in a predominantly white neighboorhood, I never felt like the cute girl, nor desired. I often second-guessed crushes with the thought "maybe they don't like black girls." I was often fetishized, oversexualized, or good enough for the hook-up, but not to date. I began to internalize how I saw my body in relationship to whiteness. I encourage you to listen to my model's own experiences and connections to blackness & sexuality. 















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