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Sex With Me is a digital installation project completed while in residency with Laboratory an arts non profit based in Spokane, WA that specializes in interactive and digital new media art. 

Sex With Me explores the site-memory of the body, and how this memory  influences how we flirt, fall in love, trust, and create relationships. We are capsules of our ancestors, present day, and future selves. If time cannot helps us get back to normal, how do we forgive and learn to carry our altered selfs and others with care? This project focus is not on the bad things that happen but how we learn to move past them. 

Due to Covid this residency was held remotely, visuals were created using photoshop, after effects, and Module 8.


The visuals were then projection mapped on to a life-sized hand sewn doll. The measurements were taken from my own body. 

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