The official music video, for my music project MIIV's new single "Suburban." Suburban is an exploration of nostalgia, comfort, and winter break horniness. 



A film by Saint A and Callan Thomas 

this includes: filming, editing, color, and sound.


Some short time ago, I had felt like a stranger in my body and an outcast in the relationships I had. This film helped me explore my own discomfort and realize that the itchiness is not bad but made to help you grow and metamorphosis into space where you fit and belong. 

Sight and Sound Final Fall 2018 
Directed and Written by Amina Odogba 
Director of Photography Elle Rose Rinaldi 

Feauturing Sound by Miiv and Ntu 


Saint A 
Livy Wicks 
Jerusalem Adams-Shepard

Natalie Doggett